Use Wooden Fencing To Beautify, Contain, And Protect

29 January 2020
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A wooden fence can be used to beautify your property, contain children and pets, or increase privacy. The selection process of the wood variety and the design of the structure need to be planned out so that you don't wind up with an enclosure that doesn't live up to your expectations. 

How Much Coverage Do You Want?

Be mindful that if you choose wooden slats that are close together, your vantage point will change considerably. If enjoying the ornamental bushes or the prized rose collection that is growing out back are two of the things you are used to doing while facing your home and yard, you may want to consider choosing a fencing style that isn't as restrictive, yet will still add privacy or increase security.

Wooden dowels or a picket fence style will provide your homestead with the classic beauty that you may be after, and you can customize how high the fence railing is so that you can peer over the fencing if desired. Taller fence styles tend to be popular when privacy is a major factor. For instance, if you are tired of your neighbors commenting on what you are doing in your backyard or if you are wary that someone in the neighborhood may spot your brand new grill and recreational equipment and attempt to steal the items, a taller fencing style may be more preferable. 

What Type Of Wood Will Complement The Landscaping And Be Sturdy?

One of the reasons wood is a preferred material for fencing is because of the earthy scent that the beams emit and the overall rustic appearance that this type of fencing can add to a residential plot. Choose a dark wood variety if you want to add a stark contrast to the light color of your home and garage. Select a lighter variety of wood if you want to complement bright-colored flowers, deep green plants and foliage, or some decorative features that you own.

Some wood varieties are naturally firmer than others. If you select a softer wood variety, add a sealant or wood-preserving product to each side of the fence to prevent the wood from becoming damaged. In addition to choosing the style of the fencing and the wood variety that will be utilized, you need to choose the outline of the new structure. Enclose your entire yard or choose to add a smaller border, which encompasses a select part of your property.